Clinical and Research Supervision

As a clinician I know from first hand experience how valuable it is to be able to reflect on my work with a fellow professional. So, while it is a requirement that all psychologists, counsellors and therapists have regular and ongoing supervision (Ethical Framework 2010), it is incredibly helpful and often mind-opening to be able to talk to another professional about anything that arises within the therapeutic space.

At the forefront of my supervisory practice is the desire to provide a safe space to discuss a range of issues regarding the therapeutic work and to give guidance towards gaining  insight into the therapeutic work through listening and engaging with an attentive ear, open heart and inquisitive mind . I subscribe to the view that it is the supervisor’s goal “to do whatever seems most likely to send the other person away more aware, more informed, skilled and encouraged than (s)he was when (s)he came in.” (Houston 1990, p12).

As a clinical supervisor, I provide one-to-one, as well as group supervision. I am on the Register for Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors and practice from an existential-phenomenological perspective. Within group supervision I adhere to the SACS approach of Structured and Collaborative Supervision.

My fees for one-to-one supervision are currently set at £100 per 50 minute session and group supervision at £200 for 60 minute sessions.

Research Supervision
Because of my interest in research, I also offer research supervision and mentoring to help guide students on their academic journey. I provide assistance with written assignments, such as dissertations, doctorate theses, case studies or process reports, for anyone experiencing difficulties, whether for linguistic or other reasons.

I currently offer Research Supervision at the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (NSPC) with an interest in qualitative research in the exploration of human experience.